Sunday Services are still on
but you will need an internet connection
and access to Zoom.

In this season of Coronavirus in Australia


As a church we want everyone to be safe!

we want everyone to be cared for and loved and feel connected to the body of Christ, we want people to be able to find creative ways to worship, express mission and extend hope in ALL circumstances and seasons.

We want every challenge and season to be one where we can notice God in our midst and allow ourselves to grow and change and be transformed by the work of the spirit!

Starting from this Sunday we will not be gathering as a church at U City!! – but we will be live on Zoom.  This is an interactive platform so you can speak, share and participate!!!

Here is the zoom link for worship 3:00pm on Sunday. (Login any time after 2:30pm for a chat before the start of the service)


I would also like to create new Rhythms of prayer for people who are interested.YOU DO NOT NEED to be a church person, or attached to any particular church.

Tuesday and  Thursday morning  at 7:00am (Adelaide time) We will gather on zoom for a time of connection, scripture and prayer.

We will gather in the evening as well at 8:00pm on Monday, and Wednesday night using the same link.

For those who love to sleep in and are busy at night – please join us on Wednesday at 11:30am bring your morning tea.

you will be able to come every day or once a week, the opportunity will be there!

Here is a link!!  press on it from here, and follow the instructions give me a call if you need help.



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As the decision was made to build a new structure on the site of the Maughan Church, people have gathered all sorts of historic photos, and stories of the building and the people who have shaped the church in this space. This is a fly through representation of the Maughan Uniting Church building.


The future of the Uniting Church at this location is looking very different, we will have access to an incredible range of multi use spaces, we will build relationships with residents, employees, customers and our wider community around our beautiful city!

The New Building is on its way, here is a photo of the space where the CityView Uniting Church services will be mid 2019!

Take a tour of the new space we will use for our Sunday gatherings!

Virtual Tour



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